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15 October 2005

The Super Series

I managed to watch only one match live; and even for that; only about 2 hours of it. The super series has been over hyped; for too long, and like all hype; it did not live up to its expectations. After Australlia thrashed the World XI in the ODIs, the test match seems to be going the same direction. After all, a line up consisting of some of the best batsmen in the world failed to even make 200 in the first innings of the test. As for bowling, Harmisson is good; but the team selection for the match is definitely dodgy. Kallis has not been bowling for quite some time; so there are effectively 2 fast bowlers in Flintoff and Harmisson and two spin bowlers in Vetorri and Murali. But the fact that there is no 5th bowler that can keep the pressure locked in (like Pollock) or a wicket taker (like Shoaib or Ntini) the bowling is quite toothless really ... Murali can only bowl for so long! And I won't even go into selecting Smith as captain instead of Flemming or even Vaughn.

The test is scheduled for 6 days; but I fear it might not even reach 4 days .... the series was always a pipe dream ... but its clear; to make the greatest team in the world you also need them to play for something to entice them to perform to their best.

Movie: House of Flying Daggers

Thanks to Dave, I got the special edition DVD for the weekend. It is definitely the best movie I have watched this year; better than Hero (by the same director) and Sin City. It has all the ingredients of a good movie - brilliant storyline, wonderful cinematography, great acting and off course brilliant fight scenes.

And watching some of the DVD fillers, I found some very interesting notes ... for example, one of the most breath taking scenes take place in a snowstorm. The plot did not have a snow storm; but an early, unforeseen snowstorm during filming played its part; and instead of waiting for 4 weeks for the snow to disappear, the scene was shot in the storm. The director calls it fate; but whatever you call it; the scene is one of the most tragic and beautiful ever. And there are some other great scenes; like the Echo game and off course a fight in a bamboo forest (BTW according to the DVD specials, the actors are actually placed high up on the bamboo and they swing from pole to pole).

You don't have to like martial arts movies; you don't have to like foreign films; but if you want to be entertained with a brilliant story watch the movie.

13 October 2005

Movie: Crazy Monkey presents: Straight Outta Benoni

If the title hasn't given it away - it's a South African movie; and unlike some of the other recent South African movies including Yesterday, this movie is being heavily promoted. This movie is also the worst (the most polite description I could think of really) South African movie I have ever seen (yes even worse than the infamous Swart Kat movie they used to show when the Afrikaans teachers had nothing else to do at School).

The movie stars some of the biggest comedians in South Africa, but frankly the movie is not funny - well there are some moments but too far in between. The acting is poor at best; and while the general production is good; most local series, sitcoms and short movies are often far better. And if you were wondering about the plot ... it's best not to ask.

Movie: Sin City

Ronald calls it the best movie of the year, and one of the best ever. It has had a lot of hype, mainly because of the technology behind the movie, and is definitely one of the most stylish movies of the year. I am not sure about best; although it would definitely be amongst the best. I loved the contrast of colours, the storyline (the whole concept of have prostitutes as a gun wielding self defenders of their trade was a brilliant concept), the whole plot of revenge and just the general depravity of the villains. I am somewhat glad that I never got round to watching Sin City on the PC, and waited for it to be finally released on the big screen. I just have one question - which scene was directed by Tarantino ... I think I can guess but would like to know for sure.

And my previous post was about South African movies - Sterkinekor screened a (real) short movie about baby Tshepang, and yes the subject is definitely more tragic and different to a comedy; but the movie was just so much better; so much more engaging. There is hope after all ... although the movie I am really looking forward to is "Tsotsi" which is based on a Athol Fugard novel; but that's going to be released only next year in SA.