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18 November 2006

PS3 Madness

So the PS3 is finally out, and it's already being sold on e-bay, and it's amazing how much people are willing to pay. A quick glance, some on bidded US $6 999! while there are a number of bids over US $1 000. This begs the question - why did Sony not just sell the initial units (limited availability after all) on auction in the first place ... I think they would have made a lot more money out of it.

13 November 2006

Around the world on a plate

For me, one of the best parts of going to new places is trying out new food. Many years ago, a guidebook to Singapore claimed that you could go round the world sampling food from all over the world in Singapore. The same can be said about Washington DC, and as one of the attendees at WESII put it, the "food scene in Washington DC is awesome". But, being restricted by unfortunate things like "exchange rates" and "student budgets"; I could only restrict myself to the "budget" restaurants and food places; and unfortunately cannot give you any idea of how good (or expensive) the food is at some of the more well rated restaurants.

But even despite these limitations, I did manage to sample a variety of restaurants. This was helped off course, by the fact that, just two blocks from where I was staying, was a block of restaurants (about 12 in total IIRC) catering to the suburbia. I did not eat there every night, but it was the main area. So, in total I managed to go to the following different types (in no order):
  • Japanese
  • Afghan
  • Italian
  • Pizza and Movie place (see earlier blog post)
  • Mexican
  • Greek
  • The American Diner (really greasy, really crap)
  • A whole lot of Subway
  • Chinese
I should have gone to the Bulgarian and El Salvodorian places ... but I ended up conserving money instead ... This list looks too small; I think I am also missing a few places ... oh well.

The "food scene" in Edinburgh was less diverse (from what I saw), and well, like everything British, more expensive. Thus, there was more eating at the traditional "English Pub" (well curry is a traditional English food right?) than anywhere else.