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22 April 2009

One Person, One Vote - The Great Equaliser

Leading up to the elections, I think Zapiro got the gist of my voting conundrum - and Madam and Eve surmarised the opposition position beautifully.

I am still registered to vote in Mowbray (Cape Town). During the voter registration weekends for these elections, I was out of town on all these occasions. And I was too lazy to go and find out where the local electoral office was to reregister after the registration weekends.

This did have one great benefit - it meant that I was not necessarily tied down to a particular voting station - and could actually cast my vote anywhere. After seeing the long lines near my home, I drove to Centurion - initially to buy a book I wanted. There was also a voting station nearby, so decided to cast my vote there. After 2 hours (and finished 220 pages of my 300 page book) I got to actually cast my vote. I must say, I was quite impressed with the efficiency - it did not take 2 hours because the officials were slow; it was slow because there were many people. The process was smooth, and despite the long lines - people from all walks of life - the old money, the new money, the maid, the shop cashier, the taxi driver, the old and the young - were all patiently in the queue. One man did try to charm his way to the front, but was sent packing - by everyone.

I remember 1994 and the long lines then. The lines were not longer this time round - but people seemed to be just as keen.

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