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05 March 2012

Experience Music Project

I have been to a lot of great museums, but only to a very few brilliant museums. The distinguishing line for me, is not so much the content; but for the ability of the museum to suck you in, emotionally and otherwise, into the content; so that you are effectively part and parcel of the museum - not just a visitor. The last brilliant museum I attended was Johannesburg's Apartheid Museum, and now I can add "Experience Music Project" or EMP to that list.

The EMP is not only about music, but encompasses other modern art forms. Unlike other museums, it does feel more like an art gallery with special features than a permanent show.

In terms of music, the showcases were on two Seattle area natives; Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. It was not only the documentation of their art, but also an exploration of the music that they influenced or were influenced by, complete with discography and music videos to tell the tale. In the musical arena, there was also a showcase of guitars, a sculpture of an automated musical instruments (playing various musical styles) and a sound lab where visitors can actively create music with various musical instruments.

The EMP also had three showcases for movies/television. The first was for Avatar, featuring props, a live action green room and numerous exploration videos on various aspects of the movie. For me, the more impressive showcase was that off the horror movie genre, curated by some of the best directors in the genre. It explores the full spectrum of horror movies, from the monsters to the various techniques. The last showcase was that of "Battlestar Galactica", featuring both the original and the recent remake. The fighter plane props were particularly impressive.

The EMP is not only about the props but rather the exploration with the various media that makes it particularly engrossing. It has definitely been the best museum I have visited recently.

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