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06 March 2012

Mission Chinese

In a city famous for its food, being one of the hottest food places in town is an achievement. It is a bigger achievement, when it is fairly new and cheap (ie not going for the fancy food market). They take no reservations, it's tiny, and people wait in the freezing cold for a table. I frequently questioned myself why I was still waiting, especially when my waiting time went beyond 30 minutes.

The menu is varied, with strange combination of ingredients. My host, who has been here a few times said that the menu changes frequently but it is largely a fusion of different styles, with Chinese being the dominant style. The decor is pretty kitsch, with a paper dragon dominating the roof; and loud hip-hop drowning out surrounding conversation.

The food was amazing, and was well worth the cold and the waiting in line. It was an explosion of flavours, with combinations that I have never had before (and probably won't again). And even when I left at 21:30, there were still people waiting to get in.

It was a fitting last dinner in San Francisco; I doubt I will have something close to this good, anytime soon.

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