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28 March 2014

Sigiri and the Petrified Forests of Lesvos

Sigiri is a small village on the westernmost part of Lesvos; known for one of the rarer natural wonders - petrified forests. Dating back to about 20 million years ago, the petrified forest is effectively fossilized plant matter, which has converted plant life to mineral/rock formations.

There are a few collections around the area - the museum and the forest park being the most notable. The museum is quite well laid out in the permanent collection with good explanations and supporting material, but the adjacent open area is not well maintained. The park, a few kilometers before the village, has larger specimens, but the paths are also nt well maintained. Perhaps it's the economic downturn impact, perhaps it's just the low season - but the growing weeds makes it unsightly.

Sigiri itself is a small village, with a beautiful view of the Aegean. Again, due to the low tourist season, nothing was open when we went.

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