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26 March 2014

Driving on the wrong side

In ally travels, I have never hired a car as part of my trip (outside South Africa). To get round Assos, Troy, Bergama and Ayvalik I considered getting a taxi service, but eventually settled on car hire. It was marginally cheaper, but it was the added flexibility that sealed the deal.

The car hire process, from South Africa was fairly smooth. The manager at Biber Evi recommended an English speaking agent, who organized a very well priced rental. The airport I arrived at was very small; and didn't have a rental agency, but the car was delivered to me. The agents didn't speak English well, but with Google Translate, it worked out.

There was some confusion with regards to the GPS; but the car rental agents basically decided to buy us one for use. The GPS system itself was not great, but it did get us to Behramkale. After that, I depended more on my iPhone :)

Driving in rural Turkey was mostly a breeze, though I kept wondering what to do with my left hand, having no gear column to rest it on. The roads are generally well kept, though there are inconsistencies in markings. For example, there were many traffic lights that had pedestrian crossings - some of these were marked at the traffic light, but others were considerably before or after the light! Speed limits were also difficult to identify - as the maximum on the open road was not marked. Not that other Turkish drivers seemed to care - most were driving considerably after than me regardless of the limit.

Unfortunately, except for the roads around Assos and to Troy, the route was fairly boring - though much of the coastal route was scenic. The distances were short enough not to matter much, and I would not drive in Istanbul - but perhaps I should consider car hire for future trips.

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