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03 January 2010

Roadtrip: Three Sisters to Midrand, via Kimberley

Until Potchefstroom, the road to Midrand was largely uninteresting and boring. That was not unexpected, but that does not detract from the boredom. Furthermore, the horde of cars I saw at the Three Sisters Ultra City (almost all with Gauteng plates, and all seemingly heading northwards); all seemed to take the N1. Thus, this road was rather quiet on the traffic front too.

It all changed in Potchefstroom - not because the scenery got more pleasant, but because of a massive thunderstorm which reduced visibility and thus at least made the driving a lot more interesting. The storm passed, just past Carletonville, but by then it was a slow merge into the N1 and then Jo'burg traffic shortly thereafter.

Including the driving around in Cape Town, it was a fairly long trip in total - almost 4300 Km, and about R3000 in expenses such as accomodation, fuel, food etc. Not bad for what ammounted to two weekends away (since I did work during the week in Cape Town).

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