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03 January 2010

Ken jy die see?

The only poem I remember from matric (now over 10 years ago!) is in Afrikaans - a subject I was not good at, and still do not comfortably converse in. Uys Krige's "Ken jy die see", for whaetver reason, sticks to my mind (I had to Google the poet's name though).

Cape Town understandably has a strong fishing community and the poem is really about the difficult work entailed by fishing - especially the small fishing enterprises making up much of the Cape coast.

Kalk bay harbour is one of the freshest sources of fish - both ready made in the surrounding restaurants and takeaways; and for sale. It is a facinating place to walk around; and great place for pictures in my opinion. And the harbour, catches a lot of the emotion and context of the poem ...

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Anonymous said...

i read that poem for the first time around july this year. it affected me deeply. i am currently searching for a copy of it on the internet to translate so that i can understand and study it fully for my grade 11 afrikaans class. yes, even ten years on, we are still learning it.