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09 January 2010

Music: To Bring a Gun to a Shark Fight, Sesling and Enmity

It has been a few months since I last went to a gig at a club, and Back 2 Basix was the only place I could find gigs at. I suppose, people are still recovering from the festive season. Last night's line-up was all metal bands

To Bring a Gun to a Shark Fight
They are probably the worst band I have seen in a long time. It is not only the fact that their vocals are entirely composed of screaming (there seems to be no change in tone to what they were screaming, so I assume there were no lyrics); but there was also no change in the music itself. In fact, I think there was a song in which none of the guitarists moved their hands for the entire song - they seemed to be plucking the same chords, over and over again. Now repeat that for 30 minutes. The testament to how bad they were, was how much of the audience just left (even the club) while they were still playing!

The warm-up and sound check for Sesling was more interesting than the full set of the previous band. Sesling, a 5-piece, Afrikaans band comprising of band-members from a number of a other well known metal bands. While they sing in Afrikaans, so I cannot say much about their lyrics, they have a very interesting sound - and the two vocalists combine well on stage. It was unfortunately a very short set; but definitely enjoyable.

A young six piece band, I think also from Cape Town, they have a really good combination of vocalists with their keyboard player Chloe providing melodic backing and their vocalist Alainite providing the usual angry screaming. Their lyrics are also interesting, although they are deffinitely the type that gets bands labeled Satanic. After-all, Alainite described every song being about serial killers. They have a great presence, and they play very well together. I think they still have to get set-up correct, as their mixing could have been a lot better - but it's a band that could do well. Their cover of the Beatle's Eleanor Rigbby, was also quite good - and different.

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