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11 March 2012


I first heard of Estonia when I started doing research relating to digital identity schemes (in about 2003); and Estonia was at the forefront of implementing such schemes at scale. In fact, it is probably the first country to have mass migrated to the digital age, holistically. This is also supported how the entire coty seems to be bathed in (mostly free) wi-fi hotspots. I have been keen to visit the capital Tallinn for a while; especially when I discovered regular ferry routes from both Stockholm and Helsinki; and heard good things from a friend who was based there.

The main tourist attraction is the old town, parts of it dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. It is recognized as a world heritage site and considerable effort has gone in to restoration of the buildings. It's not to say that there are no modern buildings or that there are no dilapidated building; but they are the exception while people still live here, the area is filled with restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops.

Tallinn is very tourist friendly; at least in the old town and from the port. There are regular maps and directions and there is quite a bit of information posted around the old town. I found those very fascinating as the history of Estonia is effective recounted; through the various wars and eras. Interestingly information is displayed in only Estonian and English despite the sizable legacy of Russian influence (and occupation) or the sizable trade relations with Finland and Sweden.

I thought I would have more time; but in the end I only managed to walk through the old town and go up the tower wall; although I did see a bit of the churches. I did not go inside the museums nor did I get round to seeing things outside the old town. The Russian orthodox churches are particularly beautiful.

Tallinn is quite a bit cheaper than Finland and Sweden, and perhaps in future itineraries (if there are any) it would be better to stay in Tallinn and do day visits to Helsinki instead of the other way around.

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