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11 March 2012

Helsinki to Tallinn (and back)

From Helsinki, there are a number of services; but in winter it seems that Tallink Shuttle is the most convenient. There is a discount for a same day return trip of approximately 15%, which led to a return price of 48 Euros.

On the Helsinki side, the checkin closes 20 minutes before departure. It was a good thing; with a late night yesterday, I made it to the terminal at 07:05 for a 07:30 departure, and I could still buy tickets. The Tallinn side has a 30 minute checkin deadline, so it's useful to note the difference.

There is still a lot of ice in the water by Helsinki (about 45 minutes of the 2 hour journey); but the views in the early morning were stunning. It was amazing however to see how much ice had melted away in the course of a few hours on the return trip, especially around Helsinki harbour. Other than a few birds, I didn't spot any wildlife but those probably keep clear of the ships.

The ferry's sitting arrangements were definitely not what I was expecting. There are no designated seating areas, but rather a set of lounges, usually next to restaurants or shops (no need to buy anything). I suppose that's not a bad idea in generating more revenue! I decided to have a breakfast buffet, which at 11 euros is very cheap for Helsinki, though it was not the most comfortable seats. Apart from the restaurants and shops, the ferry also has free WiFi and other facilities like kids playrooms etc.

While Tallinn's old town is the welcoming sight, Helsinki is all industry and factories; not very pretty. There are a few snowed in islands that are passed by, but gliding through the ice has its own charm. The ferry ride is incredible smooth, though the seas were also quite smooth.

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