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12 March 2012


Helsinki is rated as one of the top places to live. I can understand some of the attractions: a city with wide open spaces, excellent public transport and facilities, multi cultural and multi-lingual and a great social services infrastructure. But there are also detractions - it is one of the most expensive places I have visited, it has really crappy weather in winter and there is a lack of sunlight (also in winter). What I find interesting is aside from the Australian cities; all the cities that are featured regularly in these lists are from "cold" regions - Zurich, Toronto, Stockholm etc. I am not sure what makes these places so attractive even after going to a number of these cities.

That said, Helsinki is a fairly small city; with a busy downtown and lots of suburbia. The older areas have some stunning architecture, but most are not outlandish. I did a lot of walkabout today, and was disappointed that most places, museums, churches, theatres and even some shops and restaurants were closed.

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