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14 March 2012


It is one of Germany's biggest tourist attractions, was the inspiration behind Disney's signature castle and when it was being built, one of the most advanced construction projects of its time. Built by Bavarian King Ludwig II, it was designed to be a "modern" medieval castle with recreation of Germanic mythology inspired by Wagner's masterpieces.

The castle is only accessible via a guided tour, which are run with the expected German efficiency. Tickets are bought from a centralised ticket office at the nearby Hohenschangau, Ludwig's ancestral home, which have a designated time and tour number. Tours start every 5 minutes, with a strict control of the ticketed flow. It is a fairly steep hike up from the ticket office, though it is possible to take a bus or horse drawn carriage partially up the hill.

Unfortunately, photography of the interior is not allowed, though you are allowed to take photos of the outside view from the castle windows. The completed parts of the castle (it was not completed by Ludwig's death and construction was halted thereafter) are lavishly decorated, with amazing paintings (of mostly Wagner opera scenes) and furnishings. Some of the advanced technology installed in the castle, such as a telephone and bathrooms with running water are also on display.

It is certainly worth the visit, and the trip; though beware of the steep walk up and the stairs that need to be climbed. Click on photos for a slight enlargement.

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