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13 March 2012

Menu Innovation

Last night, I decided to use the Finnish Restaurant guide (eat.fi) to find a place to eat. I went to a Malaysian place, New Bamboo Center, with great reviews and cheap food - the best combination I think. The food was great, but their innovations on the menu design really impressed me. First thing, all their ingredients have pictorial icons, which are then showed under the menu item. Thus, instead of simply stating the various ingredients that go into the description, in three plus languages, they had a pictorial guide. So much simpler, I wonder why other restaurants don't do this!

The second one was the set menu, which has some inspiration from Indian "Thali" dishes. Instead of a set menu where you have one started, one main and one desert, this one had two starters, two mains and one desert. The starters and mains were simply half portions ... A great way to explore the menu!

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