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20 March 2014

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is trying to promote itself up to as a competitor of Emirates and the other gulf airlines. It has a far more aggressive marketing campaign (staring Messi and Kobe, and previously staring George Clooney), and has one of the largey route networks.

So it's a pity that its service is so bad. We have taken three flights so far, and the service in each has been far below the levels of the Gulf competitors. Most of the attendants seemed surly and without any smiles - be it talking in Turkish or in English. Their food cart doesn't seem to have the items listed on the menu - whether we were served first or later. In fact, during one drink service they ran out - said they would be back, and never returned (this was 90 mins before the flight landed). 

So, despite the ads; they have a long way to go.

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