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15 March 2014

Almost in Istanbul

I had hoped that the 6 hour layover in Istanbul would allow us to take a short trip into the city, maybe have brunch and just get a feel of the city. Unfortunately, it was not to be. 

Due to how the tickets were bought, we needed to pick up and recheck in the bags. Turkish Airlines were happy to check us in, but bags were only accepted later on; which basically meant the quick trip to the city was out.

Flying in, pre dawn, there was an amazing array of lights over the water. Leaving, it was still fairly cloudy, but the minarets poking through various high rises near the airport made an interesting sight. The airport itself is not much to write of - nothing like Dubai or Singapore - hubs that Istanbul and particularly Turkish Airlines seems to be wanting to emulate. In fact, the airport is rather mundane, although M did seem to get lost in the duty free after we eventually deposited the bags :)

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