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10 March 2014

Movie: The Grandmaster

The cinematography is beautiful - especially the many, well crafted and choreographed fight scenes; accompanied by one of the best sound tracks in modern cinema. The movie traces roughly 20 years of the life of Yip Man - from aristocracy, through the Japanese occupation in World War 2 through to restarting his life (without his family) in Hong Kong after the war. It does not dwell on his famous students (Bruce Lee being the most famous in the Western world at least); and much of the story is difficult to gauge on whether it is biographical or whether it mythological. But perhaps that is the point - maybe the grandmaster is supposed to be such a pinnacle of skill, that (s)he is almost superhuman. 

While it is a visual treat; the story is disjointed and not completely clear. There is a "major" character - The Razor - that seemingly doesn't fit in anywhere in the story. There are plot points, that are never completely explained, and somehow it just doesn't seem to fit all together. But really, it is just worth watching for the music and the stunning fight scenes.

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