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05 February 2013

Tugela Gorge Hike #3

This is the third time I have walked along the Tugela Gorge hike path, and I didn't finish any of them. The first time, P and I just wanted to learn of the logistics; we had no water or even hiking shoes; but did about 2 km of the route. The second time, Dave and I went almost to the end; but the mist had come in, so it didn't make sense to go further as the falls would be invisible.

This time, it had been raining the whole night, and part of the morning. While the clouds had partially lifted, the Amphitheatre was still shrouded. But the afternoon was dry, so we decides to walk for about an hour and then turn back.

The pace wasn't too bad, we covered just over 3 Km of the route. And despite the cloud cover, the scenery was still beautiful.

But still, I must come back to go to the bottom of the falls, an perhaps also to the top; both of which require clear skies.

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