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07 February 2013

Hartford House

Hartford House has a rich history - from South Africa's colonial past to a world renowned horse farm; and now one of South Africa's top restaurants. After the Berg, we decided to stay a night at the boutique hotel and enjoy the food.

The grounds are amazing. Despite the fact that it is a working farm, it feels like a destination for relaxation. It is very luxurious, but it didn't necessarily feel like it was over the top; in your face poshness.

The highlight was definitely the food. Dinner was 5 courses - filling, but I did not have the really stuffed feeling that one would expect. Breakfast was included as part of the hotel stay, and was just as impressive in a three course setting. I have had my share of hotel breakfasts - from the lowly backpackers to 5 star exclusive hotels; and Hartford House's breakfast puts them all to shame.

M's vegetarian requirements were well catered for, and both plates kept to a common theme; with substitutions working perfectly. As the meal progressed, each course seemed to be better than the previous one; but my favorite was the second course.

Course 1: Smoked Salmon-Nori Terrine with Horseradish Creme, Quail Eggs, Cherry Tomatoes, Micro Herbs, Herbed Croutons and Caper Berries
M's: Camembert Salad

Course 2: Garden Pea Soup with Kamberg Ham Ice Cream, Oven Dried Prosciutto chips and Pea Shoots
M's: The same without the meat elements

Course 3: Pink Peppercorn seared Wildebeest Loin Salad with Fresh Beetroot, Parmesan Spoon, Candied Walnuts, Chicken liver Parfait and black lava salt
M's: Same with shiitake mushroom substitution

Course 4: Shiitake crusted Beef filet, with caramelised red onions, Pomme Amandines and Exotic mushrooms
M's: Lentil Bobotie with similar elements

Course 5: Cream Cheese Fruit Cake Mince Pies, with Cherries, Gorgonzola, Parmesan Ice Cream and Licorice

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