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01 March 2012

RSA Conference Day 2

Most of the sessions I attended yesterday was about identity, especially on the fragmented nature of identity on the web. There was an interesting legal discussion on the legal issues of using a federated identity model, such as who gets the liability if things go wrong (eg incorrect authentication). I have also been interested in security metrics for a while, so the panel discussion gave some food for thought, though only scratched the surface.

Of the keynotes, David Brooks' talk on how social development affects decision making was informative, funny and interesting. He made some comments on trust that I want to blog about later, once I get my thoughts in order, and perhaps read a bit more of Bruce Schneir's new book.

The conference has an interesting concept of "Dinner for 6", where strangers can get together for conversation and a meal. We became a party of 8 (I think we were tables of 4&4), and the table consisted of a wide variety of people - a startup CEO with a background of starting and advising numerous (successful) startups, a reformed black hat hacker, a manager of dev team from a leading security company, an analyst from the DoD, two IT directors from separate non profit organizations and a manager from a state based angel funder. It was a great mix of people, and some engaging conversation.

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