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26 February 2012

San Francisco to Muir Woods (and Stinson Beach)

The two things I learnt about San Francisco long ago was the Golden Gate bridge and the giant redwoods on the other side of the bay (Muir Woods).

Public transport in San Francisco is great, but it doesn't extend far outside the city limits. Getting to Muir Woods with public transport during the "off" season is not easy; the tourist officer at Sausalito claimed that it didn't exist, and my host in SF was also of the opinion that I would need to hire a car. Mountain bike routes exist, but I am no where near the fitness levels required for such a feat.

There is a route, though not very convenient. The Golden Gate Transit busses between San Francisco and Sausalito is the first leg; although one could also take the ferry if desired. Thereafter, Bus 61 takes one from either Marlin City or Sausalito ferry stop on the weekends; up the aptly named Panoramic Highway to a number of hiking points along the park.

The very helpful driver dropped me at the crossing of the Dipsea trail, which was about a mile from the entrance to Muir Woods.

The busses are about every 2 hours, and I was not too confident on making it back in time. So I decided to carry on hiking, all the way down to the pacific ocean at Stinson beach. It was a total distance of about 16 km (as per my hiking app), the trails are well marked and the views are well worth the effort.

Muir Woods is amazing, the large trees dominate, but as you leave the park, there is other vegetation also. Compared to other forests, there is a distinct quietness (discounting the human chatter) - I expected a lot more bird life.

Bus 61 can be caught from Stinson beach, and waiting by the beach is so much better than the side of the road.

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