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30 March 2014

The Acropolis

Many Greek cities have acropolises, but the one in Athens is the one known as The Acropolis. All of the ones we visited this trip (Assos, Troy, Pergamon and Athens) have been dedicated to Athena - though the size and grandeur has differed.

Athens' Acropolis is an amazing set of temples, and unlike Pergamon and Troy; there are no non-religious structures as part of the Acropolis complex.

Going in through the main gate, I was amused to see that it once held the statue of Eumenes II; King of Pergamon who was responsible for much of the Acropolis structures there; he was certainly highly accomplished! The gate still has a lot of renovations underway, and the temple of Athena-Nike is inaccessible.

The Parthenon seems to be perpetually under renovation, but remains an amazing structure. Given the state of other temples we have seen on this trip, the grandeur and attraction of the Parthenon is certainly not misplaced! 

The complex of Erechtheion also has a number of scaffolding up, but it is still circumnavigable. The famous maidens of the Caryatids are instantly recognisable, though one cannot get close to them.

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