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30 March 2014

Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis museum, just outside the main Acropolis complex is itself built on archeological remains of Athens, which is exposed via glass floor and an open section. The museum is effectively in three parts - general finds around the Acropolis, details (including original friezes, sculptures etc) of the Parthenon and details (including original friezes, sculptures etc) of other temples. 

Of these, the Parthenon section is the best part, and in the style of the Pergamon museum - the entire set of friezes (or what is left of them) can be viewed, in fairly good detail. As the room is sized to Parthenon's dimensions, nothin is really left out and you get the sense of size of the Parthenon.

Sadly the treatment of the Parthenon is not replicated with the other temples. The main problem with this, is that it is not easy to see how it all fits together in each of the other temples.

The museum is excellent otherwise, and is an excellent stop on the Acropolis circuit.

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