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08 January 2013

Wireless-G Account Issue/Security

Nashua-Mobile recently launched an uncapped WiFi service with Wireless-G in South Africa. The registration process was a bit hazy - with Nashua Mobile not knowing the process itself; but once that was sorted, the rest of the registration process was pretty smooth; although still quite convoluted!

When it came to logging on though; it was a damn pain. For some reason my login just didn't work. After a few attempts over a few days, I have up and called the help desk. While friendly and enthusiastic, they recommended a few setting changes to my iPhone. Instead, I tried using M's laptop instead; and had the same issues.

Thus, I decided to just reset the password and behold; it worked. It wasn't that the password was wrong (I could log in to my account); but rather it seems it was too long (15 characters) or it couldn't handle special characters. In fact there are a few security weaknesses beyond not accepting long passwords; they store the passwords in plain text and email and SMS the passwords to you. The helpdesk person also asked for the password so that they can "try" to log on!

I will send through a note to them; let's see what comes out!

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