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15 May 2011

Movie: Let Me In

It is supposedly based on the Swedish novel, Låt den rätte komma in (Wikipedia), but looking through the various synopsis, it is more akin to the Swedish film adaptation from two years ago, than the book. The source of inspiration doesn't really matter - it is a great story, backed up by some really impressive acting.

The story centres on Owen, a lonely, often bullied, 12 year old boy, living with his soon to be divorced mother; who develops a friendship with Abby, also a young girl, who has recently moved in (with what seems to be her father). Very early on, it is clear that Abby is not simply a girl, but some sort of a vampire; although Owen is to discover this fact a lot later.

The plot centres on two different lines - which eventually merge - the developing friendship between Owen and Abby, and how it is impacted by deaths related to Abby's need for blood; and the continuing bullying and Owen's attempts at fighting back.

In reality, this is not a horror movie - it is a romance; with some excellent acting by the young actors playing Owen and Abby coupled with some great directing and script writing. It is certainly worth watching, and it has made me keen to find the Swedish version someday.

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