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07 March 2013

JPO's 1st 2013 Season 2nd Concert

There seemed to be a few more people in the concert last night; but there were still a lot of seats left empty. They missed a concert filled with really jovial pieces. I have heard Mendelssohn's The Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) on the radio before, but didn't really know the name. It's a short, fun piece - although it didn't really match the advertised transportation to a scenic Scottish island.

Serbian born, Johannesburg resident, Serge Cuca, played Bruch's popular Violin Concerto No.1. Serge Cuca did not have a strong stage personality when compared to some of the other violinists that have graced the JPO stage in the past; but it was still a masterful performance, deserving of the enthusiastic applause. Continuing the Beethoven theme of the season, the last piece was his 4th Symphony.

The next two weeks feature Russian pianist Alexander Lubyantsev, with some great pieces. Looking forward to it!

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