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20 January 2013

Movie: Django Unchained

This was one of the movies I have been really waiting to see, and I wasn't disappointed. A brilliant script (with the expected witty banter), superb acting and over the top violence, it was a classic Tarantino movie. If Inglorious Basterds was the final word in Nazi movies; Django Unchained may well be the last word in slavery movies.

Unlike Tarantino's previous revenge movies, Django Unchained is also a love story, which serves as the central story theme. The real star of the movie is however is yet again Christof Waltz's character; once again a German hunter; this time a bounty hunter. There are also brilliant performances by Leonardo de Caprio, Samuel Jackson and Jamie Foxx as Django. In fact Samuel Jackson's character is as much a villain as the white slavers.

It is graphically violent, and perhaps not as brilliant as Inglorious Basterds; but it is quite close.

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