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31 January 2013

Movie: Argo

It is a strange premise - to create a movie, about a fake movie, that was used to effect a rescue during one of the biggest diplomatic "rows" in recent history. To its credit, Argo does provide a 1 minute synopsis of what led to the Iran hostage crisis; and throughout the movie; it seems strange that the crisis took place because of the US' reluctance to give up a despotic dictator to stand trial (fairly or unfairly) in his own country.

It is an audacious tale, and while some of the events may be embelished, it does capture quite accurately the mood and the time period. I am not sure if the movie was trying to make a political statement; but by being so unflinchingly patriotic to the US, it does end up making a political statement - even getting negative pushback from the Canadians. 

Ultimately, it works well as a spy thriller; with great acting and action. I am not sure it deserves the raft of awards it has got/been nominated for; but then there is the patriotic thing ...

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