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08 December 2012

WITS Arts Museum

Opened earlier this year, the WITS Art Museum shows a selection of WITS' large collection of African art and cultural artifacts to the public. It is not a massive showcase, but it apparently changes quite frequently; and there were some stunning pieces. The entrance is free, which makes it even more worthwhile!

There were two exhibitions - on the art of life and death and everything in between; and a selection of new works. The first was more interesting; with a collection of art and cultural pieces from South Africa and across Africa on the various events in life - birth, childhood, marriage, death etc. I have two photos of eye catching sculptures (a tribute to ancestors from Benin and a coffin from Ghana); but there were many more; including some eye catching beadwork.

A seemingly more permanent piece is Jackson Hlungwani's "The Altar of God",. There is a similar piece in the Johannesburg Art Gallery (Alter of Christ); which was equally impressive.

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