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25 May 2012

Conclusion of the FNB Debacle

After my last post, I sent an email to FNB's Paypal department asking about the progress in resolving the problem. 2 Days later, I got an email stating the technical problems have been resolved, and I should try to recreate the account (for the third time).

That doesn't mean the account was immediately active - first they had to reauthorise for FICA (didn't need to send the document, but still an email asking to be authorised - 1/2 a day), then after linking my account wait another day for that to be authorised.

Interestingly enough, I could draw the funds out of my Paypal account, and the process itself is interesting (basically doing a "payment" to FNB) - will still have to wait for it to appear on my bank account ... but at least it's progress.

I am not converting to FNB though ... and their 10 minute promise is vapourware ...

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