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19 July 2009

Music: Chromium and The Frail

It's another thing I have not realy got used to in Johannesburg - gigs start a lot earlier and finish mostly around 12. Maybe it's bylaws - so while there were quite a few bands at Roxy's last night - I only got round to seeing two.

Chromium, is an ex PE based, currently Johannesburg based, metal band. I am impressed that they even have a Wikipedia page! A 4-piece band - they have great music, and well written songs. And they seem to have a fairly large following - it was really packed for their gig, and it wasn't all friends and family.

The Frail, are a band from Secunda - and are a testament to the possibility of great music being produced by bands from obscure towns. Great songs, and great stage presence (from the vocalist at least). The crowd was not as big as Chromium's, but I think the mosh pit was a lot bigger.

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Sarai said...

Nice, really looking forward to seeing them now. :)