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08 December 2015

Movie: Spectre

Daniel Craig has been widely quoted that he doesn't wish to play Bond again; and Spectre does feel like a farewell. Not only does Spectre manage to tie together a number of previous bond films' plot lines; Bond himself comes across as slightly jaded by the world he has to constantly save - and ironically, the entire spying apparatus comes under strong criticism.

Spectre opens with one of the best (if not the best) opening sequences for a Bond film, and generally stays true to the James Bond formula of over-the-top villains, amazing car chases, beautiful women, beautiful locations and great action sequences. However, in some ways it's also overtly political - with national, unrestricted surveillance and more importantly how such a system could be misused as one of the core plot points. In the age of technology, the movie makes a strong case for human spies instead of digital spies.

I don't think it was as great as Skyfall; but it still has a lot going for it.

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