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04 September 2014

The Otter Trail - Day 1

About 14 months ago, D and I were chatting, an I mentioned that we should do the Otter Trail. D took the initiative, and here we are. There are 6 of us in total, with R, RS, Ju and Je joining us.

The first day is pretty relaxed, walking down from the park gate, through some fairly dense forest,  until hitting the sea, with a small cave to the right. The rest of the route is pretty rocky, especially to a spectacular waterfall; which is the end of the day trail. The overnight trail continues through more forest, before ending at the first overnight huts; where we could spy two whales frolicking in the sea.

The scenery has been amazing, with the combination of sea and forest. The weather forecast was for clear skies and sun; but it has been a cloudy day so far.

Dinner was a combination of classic camping food (smash and baked beans) with lamb chops and boerewors on the braai. That's it for luxurious food though; carrying that much weight for two days was never on the cards.

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