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29 September 2013

Buskaid Recital

Arcadia House in the Hollard Campus is a grand, but intimate location. It was a pity that there were still a number of empty chairs for the event. Instead of an orchestra, senior students performed a solo recital of their pieces, usually accompanied by Jill Richards on the piano.The program ranged from the well known (e.g. Beethoven's Romanze in F Major or Brahms' Scherzo for Violin and Piano) to the really obscure (Paul Patterson's Tides of Mananan). 

As usual the performances were of high quality - but a few performances did stand out - Cecilia Manyama's performance of the Dvorak's Sonatina for Violin and Piano; Pule Lekarapa's performance of  Faure's Sicilenne and Tisetso Mashini's performance of Tides of Mananan was the definite highlight of the evening.

At R50 a ticket, it was great value for money and an event that should have been supported more!

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