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16 June 2013

Movie: Iron Man 3

I haven't bean to a "bean bag" cinema before - and must say it was disconcerting (is this hygienic?) while being possibly the most comfortable way to watch a movie. Although I had been meaning to go watch Iron Man 3 for a while, something (usually better) always came up. 

The movie itself was notable for some fine acting from Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, but was off course dominated by technical gizmos, big explosions and corny jokes; and ultimately the good guy (as always) wins; and the bad guy is not necessarily who you think it is. But ultimately, it seems to have been a farewell to Iron Man, at least as a solo character. 

While the bean bag cinema experience was nice, the theatre decided to cut the credits scene, and not show the after credits scene. Oh well - there is at least YouTube for that :)

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