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10 February 2012

Boring Piano - JPO's 1st 2012 Season 1st Concert

The first JPO concert in the new year started off quite merrily - with two dances (Polonaise and Waltz) from Tchaikovsky's opera Eugene Onegin.

The second work, featuring English pianist Michael Roll as the soloist, was Schumann's Piano Concerto. I am not sure whether it was the performance, or the the piece itself; but it was very boring. Perhaps it is a technical masterpiece, but it was not really enjoyable in my perspective.

In contrast to the concerto, Franck's Symphony in D Minor was very enjoyable. Although composed long before the advent of talking movies; parts of the score, to me, seemed straight out of a soundtrack - especially that of a thriller/adventure. Perhaps its modernity (despite being more than 100 years old) is what made it enjoyable ...

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