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31 July 2011

Blacks Only

Hosted by one of South Africa's greatest stand-up comedians, David Kau, Blacks Only is a series featuring mostly black comedians, which is equally reflected in the audience. In fact David Kau started the show with a census of the audience - which was one of the largest audiences I have seen outside a music festival (there were 12 audience blocks, of about 360 seats in each block).

The show featured a variety of comics, Ugandan born David Kibuka (now from Fourways), American Will-E Robo, the token white guy Chris Forest and a number of "unknown" comics, getting their turn in the limelight. Mostly, the show was in English, although two comics were more versed in a combination of Tswana, Sotho, Zulu and Xhosa - and the general response from the audience clearly showed that they were very very funny!

The comics pulled no punches, offending people of all races, tribal groups, nationalities, not to mention politicians and celebrities. In fact some of the comic attacks even brought collective gasps from the audience (two highlights: calling Hector Petersen as the boy who couldn't duck fast enough, and giving Jacob Zuma something he had not experienced before, as part of Nelson Mandela day, by taking him to a Matric dance) - a show of how far they pushed.

Including the interval, the show was over 3 hours, and even after starting late, it was one of the best stand up comedy shows I have been to. Definitely a show to go to, the next time around!

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