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02 January 2008

Alpaca and Cuy

Alpaca, is a llama likr animal (related to the camel) and is a common meat served in the Andes. Like Ostrich meat in South Africa, Alpaca is supposed to be low in cholesterol, low in fat: basically much healthier than beef and lamb. It tastes a lot like lamb, and the price difference is only a couple of Soles (less than 1 US $) in comparative meals.

Cuy is another Andean treat, but many people will probably refuse it: it is (usually) roasted guinea pig. It is considered one of the main Peruvian foods, and although served in most restaurants, it is actually quite expensive. I had cuy for the first time today, and I did not really enjoy it. The meat is quite tough and I found it rather bland to be honest.

So of the Peruvian meats, I would recommend only the Alpaca.

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