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04 January 2017

Route de Cilaos

Quite a number of seasons back on Top Gear, there was an attempt to find the best morning road - which inevitably became a mountain road that could properly test out the handling and provide an exhilarating drive. Route de Cilaos was not considered (I think only European roads were), and as one of the remote outposts of the EU, I submit that there should be some reconsideration.

About 35km rising from the sea to Cilaos, the road is an amazing piece of civil engineering. At a few points the road is forced to become single lane, and rock falls are quite common (we drove up in the rain, and witnessed at least one rock fall), and I shudder to think of driving this road without power steering. There are amazingly sharp hairpin bends, there is even a full 360 degree spiral, and while there are many points to take in the view - the road just pulls you to drive it.

There are quite a few stunning photos on Google Image search.

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