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01 January 2017

Lanterns in the sky

There was no formal new years celebration, but the local celebrations were strangely similar and synchronised - large congregations of friends and families on the beach, having picnics under the starry sky - perhaps a barbecue, playing on the beach or in the water, dancing to music, and just having a great time. 

Sky lanterns were certainly a big activity, and as the night wore on, they filled the sky - and looked amazing. They seemed to drift north, so we saw both new ones being launched and expired ones drifting downwards to the beach.

The celebration of New Years was filled with fireworks, and although it seems that there were a few from hotels and bars, the majority were private ones set of on the beach. It reminded me a lot of Diwali celebrations -small but intense; and there were some high quality fireworks.

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