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01 January 2017

La Saline les Bains

When I was reading up on Reunion in the Lonely Planet, it was clear that the West was the place to be over New Years. The exact town/village was motor less decided upon on the basis of proximity to the beach and price of hotel rooms. The area is fairly tourist friendly - a lot of hotels and guest houses (although I think some are only bookable via French brokers), bars and restaurants with waitrons that speak a bit of English, and quite a few attractions and activities have at least some English (and some German) signage.

The beach itself has very few facilities, a bit rocky, but quite a long stretch of sand. There is a large coral reef out in front, that creates a shallow lagoon - which means that the beach isn't to the sea, but to the lagoon. The water itself is therefore very calm, and it's strange to see waves crash and die against seemingly nothing.

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