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29 December 2016

Museum of the Music of the Indian Ocean Islands

The recently opened museum, located in Hell Bourg, explores the musical traditions and ancestry in the Indian Ocean islands - although it's focus really is on Reunion, Comores, Madagascar and Mauritius.  The story of migration - forced and otherwise - of Indians, Chinese and Africans is a major theme explored, although the resultant music is not - except for the case of Madagascar. 

The museum's technology is also very cool - instead of the standard audio guide, numbers are associated with performances of the instrument. Video players also render audio through the audio guide, and multiple audio players can be synchronised.

The museum also has a great collection of art pieces, especially African art.

The first time, I have seen an exploration of Indian tribal musical instruments. The similarity with African instruments is striking,

It's a great museum, and well worth visiting.

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