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29 December 2016

Le Bistrot de la Porte des Lilas

Despite the strong Indian heritage, vegetarian food is quite limited in Reunion. Actually, I find food to be  overly expensive - especially given the island's fertility, I would expect more food production on the island leading to cheaper prices.While food in Reunion obviously has French roots, the aim cuisine is creole - which has a lot of Indian influence.

 We found this bistro rather fortuitously today, after parking nearby while stopping over in St Denis. The main thing that drew my attention was a full blown vegan menu in addition to the standard menu. The chef was the most fluent in English, so he gave us some recommendations and the meal was superb! The menu itself was more fusion French than creole, which was in itself a pleasant change.

M had the vegan option - soya, creole goat curry style. I had the line fish - amazingly juicy and tender. 

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