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02 April 2014


Delphi was out last stop in Greece, via a day trip from Athens. We decided to take the public bus option, instead of a tour mainly due to the cost - most tours advertise the day trip around 90 Eur per person and our trip including lunch was around that price! 

The bus station in Athens is a bit difficult to get to via public transport and the hotel insisted that a taxi was the best option. On our return we discovered that the metro was not too far a walk; but probably not the best option at 7am in the morning. Incidentally, Athens at 7am was barely awake; a strange phenomenon considering South African rush hour starts at 6:30 am.

Delphi town is perched on a picturesque hillside overlooking a steep valley. Despite the bus loads of tourists, it was strange to see the town quite deserted. Many shops have already closed down and some are on "crisis sales". Somehow, the trickle down effect of tourism is just not working; perhaps because the tour operators are using other towns for lunch time stops; and there are not enough adventurous tourists using the public bus system.

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