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24 March 2014


Troy is one of the most famous cities of the ancient era - vividly captured in Homer's Iliad. Whether the battle happened, or whether Troy was brought down by a Trojan horse is a mystery, but Troy itself is a real city on the Aegean coast of Turkey, and now part of a small national park to protect the archeological dig site.

Troy has a history going back to over 3000 BCE, and there is evidence of a conquest that destroyed the city; which would fit Homer's tale. In fact many of features described by Homer is present and visible - from the massive walls, to the ramp where Achilles would perish. 

Troy is strategically located, and in later years Constantine even considered making it his capital - which would have changed the history of Istanbul dramatically. Thus, why it was eventually completely forgotten for so long is a mystery.

As for the Trojan horse, the replica suggests that it would be possible to craft a massive structure which could contain soldiers. Whether it happened or not, we will never know.

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