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26 March 2014

Pergamon Asclepion

Probably the most notable citizen of Pergamon, is the noted physician and philosopher Gale (who I confessed I only learnt about in Bergama). Gale was born in Pergamon, studied at the Asclepion, and further in various other centres of the ancient world, before coming back to Pergamon; and gaining his fame as a brilliant doctor; before going to Rome to serve the Emperors. 

The Asclepion is part clinic/hospital, part health spa and part temple. Pergamon's Asclepion was famous even before Gale, and reportedly was one of the most famous in the ancient world at its peak in the Roman Empire.

I don't know why the Asclepion  went to ruin. Given its fame and function as a clinic, I would have expected it to last at into the Middle Ages, and perhaps even today. 

The Asclepion is in ruins now, and although the fountain still  seems to run, and the underground passages are still intact. The Romans had a theatre (not sure why, given the other theatres around) which is probably the most well preserved/restored piece of the environment.

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