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24 March 2014

Behramkale (Assos)

In about 500 BCE, Greek settlers founded a small town on the western shore of Turkey called Assos. The most famous resident is probably the philosopher Aristotle, but apart from that it is not that notable. At some point, the town was attacked by the Persians, and although Alexander would eventually drive them out, Assos became just another village and went to ruin. Eventually the Turks settled in the area, and their village; occupying much of the same area is called Behramkale.

It's a sleepy village, especially now in the off season. It has two parts, the larger village on the hillside, and a smaller port area. Apparently during the weekends in Summer and between July and September, it is full of tourists, with places booked out weeks in advance. In between, not much seems to happen.

We are staying at a nice boutique hotel - Biber Evi, or chilli house; with amazing views of the area, including the Aegean Sea and great accommodation. It's a nice relaxing space - and the ruins of the Greek town make it interesting place to explore.

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