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15 September 2013

Movie: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

M wanted to watch the movie based on the trailer - neither of us had read the books, nor did we expect much. Based on a similar premise as Harry Porter and the excellent Night Watch series - there is a hidden world where the supernatural exists, and similar to Night Watch, this is constant fight between good and evil. 

In this particular series, the good is represented by Shadow Hunters (assisted by werewolves), while the evil is represented by demons (with vampires and a few others). The shadow hunters are constantly hunting demons - thought their ranks are small and dwindling further; and the main plot in the movie revolves around internal conflicts within the shadow hunters; with a character similar to that of Voldemort in Harry Potter.

The movie starts of promisingly; but devolves into cliches, predictability, and illogical plot development. It is visually great, with ok acting, but is not really as compelling a story as Harry Potter or as complex as Night Watch. It's a fun movie - just not a stimulating one; and I doubt I will watch any other future adaptations.

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