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15 September 2013

Car Guard Insights

When M & I got to my car after lunch at 44 Stanley, we noticed that the car behind us was parked funny; which I commented to the car guard. To that he replied, that the driver ran out of petrol, and thus had to park it as best as he could. 

But it was the ensuing short conversation, that made me think. The guard proceeded to comment  - "Us black brothers just don't seem to plan ahead - after all the petrol station is just there" (pointing to the other end of Stanley road). "He and another guy went to get petrol some time ago - no idea where they are".

"Have you heard about our president and his fight with the media" (pronounced as Med-ia) he continued - "and it's not the media's fault that they are talking about bad things. If Zuma had done good things, they would be talking about good things; instead he fights the media".

Auckland Park is the centre of two of SA's biggest media organisations - SABC and Media24 - so the comment is not completely out of place. But what made me think is, that even the ANC's traditional supporters - such as the car guard - are not accepting the spin. The question is, as with service delivery protests, are the disaffected going to vote for opposition; or are they just going to not bother voting. 

Interesting times ...

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